Icebreaker Shopping Project UX


Icebreaker had a unique challenge, which is that although their products sell themselves easily in person or when demoed, online it is harder to communicate exactly how high the quality and comfort is for the price point. In the past Icebreaker had used a photography style that was memorable and striking, but lacked the relatable quality that allowed people to picture themselves in the Icebreaker range when shopping online. This hurdle was easy to define but not as easy to solve.


Using design thinking principles we all gathered together to brainstorm possible ideas to increase eCommerce user experience. Testing paper prototypes we were able to narrow down a few possible paths to simplify the user experience where it was needed and also supply the user with enough information to be able to use Icebreaker principles, such as layering products, to allow them to shop easily on the Icebreaker eCommerce site.


After a few weeks of prototyping as a group we were able to simplify and unify Icebreaker’s online marketing materials to allow for a much better experience for the user. We also redesigned key pages on the website such as the product detail pages as well as the homepage, highlighting the products with improved photography and video, and allowing the user to navigate the site quicker to get to their desired items. We also created channels to teach them about the layering system along the way so they could easily coordinate items, to prepare them for an extreme range of temperatures from the Sahara Desert to a 14er peak.