EOS App Branding and UX


An (at the time unnamed) start-up brought me on as a consultant when they were beginning work on a weather-based trigger shopping service app. The application would help online stores send targeted marketing to their customers based on current weather conditions. For example, if an online retailer sold ski jackets, they would be able to send targeted communication to their customers based on a certain temperature drop or blizzard forecast, etc. Because they were starting from scratch they needed everything from a name, a brand guide, and a user-centered interface design for their site and app.


I started the design process with market research on their competition and target markets. Then I started sketching and creating mind maps and free flowing word pages to come up with a base for names. Once I put together a quick list of rough names, I met with the client to get their feedback. From there I started sketching possible logos. Once I had some solid ideas I narrowed it down and started a first rough digital round, as well as created a wireframe for the main site using Axure. After we had everything mapped out I moved to high-fidelity prototypes to finish the process.


Working directly with the start-up founder we were able to iterate quickly through the design process to finalize the materials. By the time we were done we had a name that the client loved, a logo, quick brand guide and a site layout for the base of the app.